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What I do involves a very eclectic attitude in which a series of parallel activities are in constant elaboration in a dialogue with the future. Phd in Urban Design and Planning, I’m a licensed architect with also 15 years of experience as a designer and project manager. From 2002 I have been involved in the design, management and curatorial work for several events, either for promotional clients than for cultural and artistic organizations. I also work as independent artist; sound, video, photography, new media, urban practices, are my preferred way of expression. The artistic and design practice together with my interest for urbanism has driven me to undertake deeper research on the relation between art, public space and urban transformation processes. I’m committed to urbanism also as a form of social engagement into the realm of urban society, to contribute to a better cultural, social and physical environment, towards a new urban ecology.


Questions of Space is my independent practice in architecture, urbanism and landscape created as a framework to my multifaceted professional activity.